"We're doing fantastic 15million to 50million in less than 2 years and all well handled.
"Miriam, you certainly helped us get some major issues sorted out so we could start looking ahead clearly.
"Following our biggest and most profitable year to date, it looks like we will achieve the targets we set for 2010 by next year, more importantly we have got a fantastic buzz going on in the business, people wanting promotions, asking about share option schemes, and generally hungry to be more involved in bigger and better projects.
"You and Dave were definitely a catalyst in giving me a complete new set of problems which I am thoroughly enjoying having to deal with.
"It was brilliant to see people actually thinking about our long-term future, not just this year and the immediate problems we face.
"The workshop has definetly given us a boost, I've noted several times in the last couple of days that there is a more optomistic outlook going on in here…"
Tony Whelan
CEO, Whelan
(Bee Successful worked with Whelan in collaboration with Dave Stitt DSA Building Performance)
"I have found Bee Successful and Idon Thinking Resources, with their creative thinking tools, software, and most importantly active facilitation, to be valuable partners in scenario development, be it in the form of a one-day workshop on agricultural pollution in Scotland or a weeklong exercise on the future of the global environment. Their contributions, not only on the day of a workshop, but also in the planning and follow-up, have helped to achieve both greater understanding and tangible output in limited periods of time than any other approach I have tried."
Dr. Dale S. Rothman
Macaulay Institute and Co-Coordinator of scenario development for United Nations Environment Programme's 4th Global Environmental Outlook