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About Idon Visual Thinking
Idon Visual Thinking is a highly effective, quick and easy way to work with ideas and structure thinking. Practicing it will provide you with immediate results; used over time it will greatly expand your thinking potential.
Our approach has been developed over twenty years with on-going research. At the heart of Idon Visual Thinking is the 'idon' or generative thinking component.
An Idon is a summarised idea captured on and 'icon' or shape. Idons are clustered to show related concepts that create a mental model, depicting and understanding or story. These components can be easily moved to reflect new insights and alternative perspectives. In this way a combination of specific techniques and the corresponding Idon shapes are used to facilitate different types of thinking output.
Idon Visual Thinking in Groups
Conversation is widely accepted as the most effective medium for interactive thinking. It does however have several weaknesses: It does not guarantee listening and meaning verification, it is largely controlled by the sequence of information, it is limited by our retention capability, structure breaks down when faced with extreme complexity, recall is limited and creative thinking is constrained.
The widely popular method of 'Brainstorming' or 'Brainshower' as it is sometimes now called was developed by the marketing industry as a creative thinking technique. Valuable for provoking an abundance of ideas, it has limited application value at the synthesis or evolutionary level of thinking.
1 + 1 = 3
Idon Visual Thinking is a highly flexible interactive process that transcends these limitations due to a unique combination of components that used together surpass the benefit derived from any single component. These are: - Thinking Tools, Modelling Methods and Facilitation.
Thinking Tools used on whiteboards and in customised diagramming software keep ideas visible, recorded and dynamic to work with. Without burdening memory, there is greater scope for thinking.
Modelling Methods provide thinking frameworks that guide the exploratory thinking process to the targeted objectives. Bee Successful uses a wide range of methods, including the 'Idon Bridge' techniques.
Facilitation optimises the use of valuable time and encourages high quality group interaction through the skilled use of guided processes, Idon Visual Thinking tools, methods and positive group dynamics.
There are many ways to develop these skills and much to study. What is exciting is that the moment you begin you will start to experience the benefits.
In the 1960's Professor Robert Ornstein from the University of California established that the two halves of our brain operate quite differently. Most people favour one side of their brain leaving the other underutilised. He discovered that by actively stimulating the 'lazy' side of our brain and encouraging it to work with the stronger side, both were improved simultaneously.
The Idon Visual Thinking process is designed to activate 'whole brain' thinking. It seamlessly combines our right brain or creative ability (imagination, intuition, colour and pattern recognition, rhythm, aesthetics etc.) and left brain logical thinking (reason, deduction, analysis, linguistic, mathematical etc).
Using 'idons' stimulates creative and holistic thinking, and accelerates learning. Used regularly it can dramatically develop diverse thinking potential. Since Idon Visual Thinking operates independently of content, once learned it can be used and adapted successfully time and time again in a variety of situations. It can also be used to great advantage in conjunction with other creative thinking methods, e.g. Edward de Bono's techniques, and Mind Mapping.
"Shake Up Traditional Thinking Approaches"
"The Creative Thinker and Hexagon Modelling are a brilliant compliment to Mind Mapping, especially for planning and exploring ideas with others."
Elaine Colliar
World Mind Mapping Champion
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