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Training to Use Idon Visual Thinking
Have you been at a facilitated workshop and want to learn how to use the tools? Have been using the tools and wish to develop your skills further? Have you seen the benefits and are looking to train up your staff - perhaps even establish a change team?
We help you do all the above.
Our training provides competency in the use of Idon Visual Thinking tools, software, methods and facilitative techniques. Start from where you are and the options to excel are enormous. All skills developed through our training programmes can be used immediately to deliver results.
Courses cover entry level skill development through to intermediate and advanced training. We work with individuals on a one-to-one basis and in small to medium sized groups to maximise quality personal attention. Entry level courses are generally 1-2 days, intermediate and advanced are covered in one or two day sessions with time for practice in between. These are arranged to suit your schedule.
How We Train
Our training gives you skill development in the use of the tools while introducing you to the principles and techniques of Idon Visual Thinking - this is true whether learning how to use the software or developing advanced facilitator skills.
Training is typically centred on a 'live' issue to maximise the benefits of your time with us. We train using a combination of tutorial materials, slide presentations and practical demonstrations with plenty of hands-on experience.
Training workshops or sessions can be provided wherever needed in a congenial environment - at client premises, an off-site location of your choosing or at the Bee Successful offices.
Our training requires Idon Visual Thinking tools, which can be purchased or where appropriate rented at discounted prices.
Course Summaries
Introductory Workshop
This awareness raising workshop combines theoretical presentations with lots of hands-on practice. Experience the methods in action, use them and learn how they adapt for a variety of applications. The design and subject matter for these sessions are customised according to product and interest areas.
Training in Idon Tools, Methods and Techniques
These highly interactive courses are designed to quickly impart an understanding of this new way of thinking and its potential for expanding creativity, organising information and specific techniques. Courses are available for a wide range of skill levels, from Basic Hexagon Modelling to more complex Idon Methods such as our Idon Bridge Techniques.
Other courses include: Creative Thinking; Colour Thinking; Visual Thinking applied to Popular Thinking Techniques e.g. Mind Mapping.
Training in Idon Software
Software training courses in the applied use of Idons-for-Thinking Professional and The Creative Thinker
Courses cover from entry-level - for rapid familiarity and introduction to the application of Idon Visual Thinking; to advanced level - for skill development in various thinking techniques and knowledge management.
The training is very practical with opportunities to experiment and be coached in personal thinking techniques and knowledge management.
Training is also available in Software Capture for facilitated meetings: When supporting your meeting, learn to set up and reliably capture live discussion, models and diagrams simultaneously and create detailed post-meeting reports. Please enquire for more details.
Capacity Building
Advanced Facilitator Training
Make all your important meetings successful: These courses are carefully customised to give you the skills you need to facilitate meetings, manage group dynamics and ensure objectives are met in a timely fashion. Advanced courses cover full design of a project or event, use of the thinking methods and group dynamics coaching. You will also learn about additional valuable applications and techniques such as interviewing with Idon visual Thinking.
Training is available to create meeting support teams consisting of a facilitator and Software Capture support assistant.
Project Based Coaching
Bee Successful works with individuals and project teams to deliver on-the-job coaching on live projects. This provides the benefits of achieving better quality outcomes and a transference of skills including tacit skills when time is limited. These are high quality coaching sessions based around the needs of the situation, not driven by a set programme or specific thinking method. Bee Successful regularly partners with organisations in this manner to conduct scenario planning exercises.
Organisation-wide Capacity Building
Develop an empowered work force: Create expert skilled meeting support teams of facilitators and capture assistants delivering in-house meetings, events and programmes.
To establish Facilitator Change Teams and Networks, please enquire for more details.
If you would like to arrange training in these or any of our other courses for yourself or your team, please call us on +44 (0)1796 474433.
"Learning the Language of Visual Thinking"
"…very useful in promoting learning conversations and strategic thinking in a range of settings."
Philip Hadridge
NHS Executive
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