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Bee Successful offers a tailored range of consulting, facilitation and training services. We believe that a basic 'one-size-fits-all' approach can't work because client distinctiveness matters and each situation is unique. All our services are conducted with a facilitative approach that emphasises the surfacing of inherent capabilities and opportunities.
While the scope and scale of a project will vary we are committed to optimising the use of available time and resources to deliver maximum benefit.
Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help.
We consult on the present, the future - and even the past - whatever it takes to establish a sound and comprehensible platform from which to make good decisions that are the right ones for you.
We consult on: Personal and Leadership Coaching; Vision, Mission and Strategy; Scenario Planning; Project Management; Culture Change…
Successful meetings usually take more than a good facilitator and a flip chart: they require tools and processes that work through the complexity in an exploratory manner and guide thinking to the objective. Bee Successful methods achieve this, involving participants in a creative and captivating way so that high aspirations are easily translated into successful outcomes.
Try something new and surprise yourself. Outdoor pursuits and games may not be the best answer for your next Away Day. Keep the pleasurable out of office experience and convey important agenda items, but use the opportunity to open staff up to new ways of thinking together. Why not aim for a fun and meaningful outcome that makes a valuable difference?
Learn how to use the Idon Visual Thinking Tools and Methods personally and take them up in your organisation. Many people are surprised at how well our Idon Visual Thinking approach can consistently be used to deliver results in situations where no other has succeeded and at how quickly people open up and warm to a new way of thinking together.
"Creating the Future You Want to Experience"
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"…engages people and delivers results"
Dave Stitt
DSA Building Performance
"…professional and market leaders…"
Dr. Ian Yeoman
Scenario Planner, VisitScotland
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