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Welcome to the Scenario Centre
Scenario Thinking is a significant part of our activities at Bee Successful and we believe a critical tool for everyone's strategic portfolio. Because of this we have created the Scenario Centre, where we will be looking at the evolving process of scenarios and futures related thinking. We will introduce learning from our work as well as valuable knowledge generated by others and welcome your contributions.
Decision Making In Changing Futures
Many organisations now accept that traditional forecasting methods alone cannot support sound medium and long range planning. To better understand changing trends, optimise opportunities and defend against shocks we also need to apply imagination.
Scenario thinking is the practice of using our imagination to think adaptively with information and ask the question 'What would we do if?' We all use scenario thinking, for example to cross a street safely, but usually we do it unconsciously. Clearly, how we see the world significantly affects events on many levels so why not get better at developing scenario thinking skills deliberately?
Idon Scenario Thinking
Bee Successful practices Idon Scenario Thinking because it provides a substantial investigatory process, provokes imagination and makes 'What if?' thinking easy to engage with. It is a highly interactive and creative approach to futures thinking used to develop robust decision-making and integrates traditional forecasting methods with imaginative story-telling. Combined with Idon Visual Thinking tools this process uniquely handles complexity, essential for good scenario development, in a simple and engaging way with full documentation.
Browse this centre to find out more about Idon Scenario Thinking and its applications. Read client testimonials and remember you can contact us for a personal consultation on how Idon Scenario Thinking could open up possibilities for you. Call us on +44 (0)1796 474 433.
Scenario Centre
"The most important failure was one of imagination"
Conclusion of the 9-11 Commission after analysing the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon
"…greater understanding and tangible output in limited periods of time…"
Dr. Dale S. Rothman
Co-Coordinator of scenario development for United Nations Environment Programme GEO-4
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