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Welcome to the New Bee Successful Site!
We are delighted to welcome you to the new Bee Successful website. We have changed the format and made many updates. We look forward to hearing from you, your feedback on this site, contributions to the content as well as how we can help you. You can also receive updates through our Newsletter.
Archived Articles
We have taken down our previous news pages. If you are looking for a specific reference document try our Links, Articles or Clients page. If you still do not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.
Newsletter Launch
Together with our partner company Idon Thinking Resources, we will be launching a newsletter with a difference – aimed at everyone interested in developing their holistic and creative thinking. If you would like to receive the Newsletter please sign up here.
Away Days
We have introduced a new service: "Away Days with a Real Difference!" We believe that time spent out of the office should be meaningful and productive as well as fun. The next time your organisation is planning an Away Day give us a call - you may even like to hold your meeting at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Find out more.
Scenario Centre
An addition to our site is the Scenario Centre. This will provide a much-needed space to address global trends and developments in Scenario and Futures Thinking. Discover the work we do in Scenario Thinking and connect with client activities e.g. UNEP GEO-4 and VisitScotland Environmental Scanning. The centre is in the early stages of growth so please check back for updates. Please contact us if you have a special interest in Scenario Planning.
Welcome to the New Scenario Centre at Bee Successful
Scenario Thinking is a significant part of our activities at Bee Successful and we believe a critical tool for everyone’s strategic portfolio. Because of this we have created the Scenario Centre.
I have been actively practicing scenario thinking for about twenty years. Not surprisingly, since 1999 I have observed a dramatic rise in the number of scenario thinking initiatives taking place all around the world. Scenarios are now a term commonly used, but what exactly do we mean? How many methods exist? Who is practicing it? How useful is it? How can we do it?
The scenario centre is where we will be looking at the evolving process of scenarios and futures related thinking. We will introduce learning from our work as well as valuable knowledge generated by others.
We invite your contributions: your ideas, comments and your interaction. Together we can develop a better understanding of what we cannot know for certain, improve as practitioners and positively influence decisions to create the futures we want to experience.
I hope to hear from you soon,
Miriam Galt
2nd March 2006
Miriam Galt is a developer and international practitioner of Idon Scenario Thinking and principal strategic consultant at Bee Successful Ltd.
"When we make the step to seeing several equally plausible futures, we begin to change the way in which we see the world and hence our choices are different. We are part of the equation that makes the future."
(Idon Scenario Thinking – How to Navigate the Uncertainties of Unknown Futures, Galt et al)
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