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Meeting Support
Are you responsible for delivering a particularly challenging meeting?
Are you going to have to deal with tough group dynamics or a complex work programme? Would you prefer to be an impartial participant at the meeting? Are you looking to introduce a new and creative approach because talking with a flip chart is simply not enough?
This is where we can help. Difficult meetings can be both inspirational and productive. Participants can leave satisfied, with a renewed perspective on their circumstances, satisfied and motivated to act.
Highly successful meetings usually take more than a good facilitator and a flip chart: they require careful design, skill, tools and methods that handle the complexity. Effective meetings accomodate expression, exploration, synthesis and goal directed thinking. Bee Successful facilitates meetings using the Idon Visual Thinking approach. These highly visual and dynamic tools enable us to positively involve meeting participants in a captivating way. This is essential for building the trust needed to translate personal aspirations into successfully shared outcomes.
A key part of our facilitated meeting support process is information capture. Specialist software makes it possible to record diagrams, idon models and discussion in real time for immediate feedback during the meeting and a full report afterwards.
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Contact us when:
  • Looking for a fresh creative approach to actively engage participants
  • Leader participation is preferred in the discussions to avoid a negative impact on the group
  • Faced with a sensitive situation requiring trust, objectivity and a new perspective
  • A project requires ownership in the process and a clear definition of responsibilities
  • A solution to a long standing problem must be found
  • A resolution is needed where trust has broken down
  • Consensus needs to be achieved for a way forward
  • Multiple stakeholder concerns must be accommodated in an open and transparent manner
  • High levels of group engagement, clarity and ownership are necessary
Our facilitators have extensive experience in building stakeholder consensus, both in cross-departmental collaboration within an organisation and across partnership groups with external organisations for the following areas:
  • Vision and strategy development, strategy and management reviews and opportunity spotting
  • Improving understanding on changing trends, futures thinking and dialoguing transitions
  • Assessing initiatives for continuing strategic relevance
  • Information share, transfer and spread
Bee Successful meetings are lively and interactive, engaging everyone involved in the discussion and task at hand. Group dynamics are managed to ensure the best thinking is achieved by incorporating wide contributions.
Our Visual Thinking Process builds a 'common language' between participants to prevent misunderstandings and enable improvements in future collaboration - everyone develops a clear understanding of the issues, assumptions, options, decisions and pathways.
Bee Successful will keep your meeting on course for a highly memorable, shared outcome.
Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1796 474 433 to discuss your needs.
"A Better Way to Get the Results You Want"
A meeting is set up
"It got us to challenge ourselves and focus on the right things."
Bill Brown
CEO, Quality Scotland Foundation
Govan Initiative Workshop Feedback
99% thought they had an opportunity to participate.
93% found the day both useful and productive.
94% agreed objectives were met.
97% felt they had a chance to contribute to the new strategic plan.
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