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Idon Tools and Resources
The tools used for Idon Visual Thinking are developed and supplied by our partner company Idon Thinking Resources Ltd. Idon Thinking Resources are the originators and global suppliers of innovative Idon Software and Idon Magnetic Visual Thinking tools for use on whiteboards. The company is perhaps most well known for its idons (idea + icon = idon), in particular Hexagon Modelling.
Bee Successful and Idon Thinking Resources work in close collaboration to continuously develop mutually enhancing products, services and publications that provide comprehensive support for on-going learning and implementation in Idon Visual Thinking. For information on coaching and training in the use of the tools see Training.
As part of our joint offering discounts are available when purchasing or renting tools and software in conjunction with most of our services. Alternatively, tools can be purchased directly through where you will find a wide variety of Idon Magnetic kits, components, whiteboards, Idons Software, and much more to help you set up and maintain your thinking environment. You can view some examples below where links will take you directly to the relevant page on the Idon Thinking Resources website.
Idons are available in a range of sizes, from 1.5" - 9" to be viewed from any distance.
Idons-for-Thinking and The Creative Thinker
Idons-for-Thinking The Creative Thinker
Idons-for-Thinking The Creative Thinker
Idon Thinking Resources is the original developer and supplier of Idon Visual Thinking creativity and decision thinking tools and software. Bee Successful partners with Idon Thinking Resources to provide training, facilitation and consulting to clients specialising in the Idon Visual Thinking approach across the full spectrum of leadership, management and organisational development.
Idon Visual Thinking has an outstanding reputation for helping individuals, teams and organisations exceed their expectations and attain challenging goals and objectives quickly, creatively and effectively. Enjoyable to use, our Visual Thinking approach works through activating a better understanding of the ideas behind action. Used by groups, Idon Visual Thinking stimulates higher levels of enthusiastic engagement, motivation and collaboration.
For more information or prices, please call us on +44 (0)1796 474433.
"A Space in Which to Think"
Idons for thinking
"…a notch higher than my peers."
Dr Washington Odongo Ochola
Egerton University, Kenya
"…a very powerful way of aligning agendas and people."
Dr. Robin Wood
Ernst & Young
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