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The strength of Idon Visual Thinking tools lies in their adaptability to a great diversity of situations - none more so than to learning activities where the ability to think about thinking gives enormous power to the learner.
  • Deeper and fuller understanding of content
  • Ability to explore relationships within content
  • Quick concept formation and retention
  • Extended language development
  • Flexibility to sequentially manipulate and re-structure ideas
Suited to educationalists as well as pupils of all ages, these simple processes are highly effective for inspirational learning and practical application. Idon Visual Thinking tools can be applied in a variety of educational contexts, by both staff and students, with exciting outcomes. They have been used in Colleges and Universities, by Local Education Authorities, and in over 200 schools and numerous school clusters with more than 2500 teachers on courses and seminars.
Mike Jeffries, Director of TransForm, a cognitive design and development company based in the U.K., has been involved with the use of Idon Visual Thinking tools in schools for over 10 years. He says:
"Knowledge about the brain and how learning works has dramatically increased during the past decade. Globally there is agreement that future learning will depend on the ability to manage information more effectively and create new knowledge rather than the current emphasis on acquisition and retention of knowledge. It is into this scenario that Idon Visual Thinking tools take on great importance. In 25 years time learning methods will have changed significantly."
Bee Successful and TransForm have collaborated to develop the Pathways in Leadership Programme, offering training for Head Teachers, Senior Managers and Classroom Teachers.
Please download the full brochure outlining the programme and a document of student and staff model examples. Call us on +44 (0)1796 474 433 to discuss how we can tailor a workshop or programme to suit your needs.
Bee Successful is a registered CPD provider in Scotland.
Miriam Galt, Managing Director of Bee Successful, was a co-founder, Trustee, Governor and practitioner at the forward-looking Edradour School for pupils between the ages of five and eighteen. As part of the innovative mission of providing an education that prepares pupils for a changing world, the school extensively utilised leading edge learning tools and approaches, implementing them primarily with the Idon Visual Thinking approach. The results were highly effective in accelerating personal, group and organisational learning and supported the integration of curricular activities.
"Tools for New Thinking in Education"
"…significantly enhanced student engagement…"
Rulzion Rattray
Dundee Business School
University of Abertay
"…very refreshing to find that education is for all."
Holly Burton
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