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Consulting Services
Personal and Leadership Coaching; Vision, Mission and Strategy; Scenario Planning; Project Management; Culture Change…
Bee Successful helps clients determine a clear understanding of their need, how best it should be addressed and facilitates the solution. Sometimes breakthroughs are dramatic, other times surprisingly simple. In all cases we provide 100% support throughout the process.
Our expertise lies in structuring knowledge, facilitating connections, stimulating breakthroughs and mobilising responsibly motivated teams. To do this we use Idon Visual Thinking processes [More].
But why is this so important?
In today's data-rich world information is imperative but useless unless you can interpret and act upon it in a timely manner. The ability to do this at will is often the difference between surviving and thriving.
Our management consulting is characterised by:
  • Design, facilitation and powerful thinking processes that simplify challenges without compromise to content or goal.
  • An ability to combine both innovative and structured thinking for sound practice.
  • Skills to facilitate more insightful mutual understanding and relationship-based solutions.
  • Reliable processes that deliver results at will and support continued development.
Personal and Leadership Coaching
Through consulting, coaching and facilitation, leaders and senior managers better understand and address personal, leadership and management issues to achieve effective solutions that deliver real benefit. Examples may include directional review; relationship management; problem solving; transition planning.
Vision, Mission and Strategy
Bee Successful provides a highly engaging facilitative approach to overall vision, mission, policy and strategy review and development. We work closely with senior leaders to determine both the project scope and degree of organisation engagement required. Our tools and process inspire greater involvement, enable better contribution and manage alignment of people quickly and positively to achieve consensus. We work closely with clients to identify the plan and structure, integrating the solution with other business initiatives and managing change.
Good Vision, Mission, Policy and Strategy are fundamental for steering an organisation and yet all too often visions and mission statements are seen as meaningless. In practice, they do not inspire pride, motivation and clarity to fulfil goals and objectives. We believe staff respond better with greater ownership and commitment when leaders actively encourage engagement in such processes.
Scenario Planning
Scenario planning is an essential strategic thinking tool for leaders and planners faced with managing under uncertainty. It offers a means to formulate clear and robust short and medium term decisions that operate within the context of a sustainable development process. Use it to ensure proposed initiatives are sound, manage risk, develope competitive positioning, create customer-centric product portfolios and identify new opportunities that deliver value over the long term. Scenario and Futures Thinking are an important part of our service offering. Find out more by visiting our Scenario Centre.
Project Management
Many project teams are struggling to deliver to higher standards under increasingly demanding constraints. With less time and resources available the risk is that many projects do not receive adequate attention at the set up stage. This results in costly and disruptive problems arising that could have been avoided. Bee Successful helps project teams to quickly develop clear, well planned shared agendas with continuous progress monitoring.
Culture Change
If you can change the mindset, you can change the results. Ownership, loyalty and commitment have a positive knock-on effect on job satisfaction and motivation - people cease to be the victims of 'decisions-from-above'. Ultimately, the best results are attained through engaging people in the decision making process and empowering them to act.
Extend the capacity for strategic and tactical thinking and accelerated learning across your organisation. Achieve the flexibility you need to build your competitive edge through your people - find more effective ways to accomplish the tasks at hands and increase productivity.
  • We help start-up companies to get it right from the beginning and build a solid foundation.
  • We help established companies re-energise and realign their workforce for a sustainable competetive edge.
We can only indicate here some of the key areas in which we work so please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1796 474 433 to discuss your needs.
"The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving"
"…£15million to £50million in less than 2 years and all well handled."
Tony Whelan
CEO, Whelan
"…the most in-depth and comprehensive process I have seen."
Tommy Docherty
Govan Initiative
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