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Away Days
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Would you like an Away Day that is fun, creative and addresses real issues?
Traditional Away Days are great for taking us out of the office. However, whilst the team games are fun and the outdoor pursuits challenging, often the actual meaningful result is less impressive. Would you like to keep the pleasurable setting but add to that new ways of interacting and addressing important issues? Would you like your Away Day to inspire outcomes people are excited about and motivated to act upon?
You can have the best of both worlds and justify spending that time away.
Welcome to Idon Visual Thinking Away Days
Many teams today are frustrated at the lack of quality face-to face time to think with others because they can see the negative effects that follow.
Our Away Days are designed to provide all the benefits that traditional events offer with a quality thinking 'time out' for more substantial and meaningful interactions. Groups explore mutual areas of concern while learning new skills and faster ways of working together that they can take back to the office and use again. In addition, teams develop a strong common understanding for on-going benefit.
Senior leaders, managers and staff have used Away Days for a variety of purposes including:
  • Team building and motivation
  • Staff development
  • Annual organisation review
  • Sharing corporate vision, objectives and strategies
  • Setting up or fast-tracking a project
  • Innovating better work practices
  • Futures thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Opportunity creation and development
  • Developing consumer-centric focus
To find out more and discuss your needs, call us for a free consultation on +44 (0)1796 474 433.
"Away Days with a Real Difference"
Away from it all
"This approach to Away Days is fantastic."
Dave Stitt
DSA Building Performance
"It captured the imagination and involvement of all staff."
Tommy Docherty
Govan Initiative
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