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About Us
Bee Successful is a global management consultancy based in the heart of Scotland. We specialise in the use of Idon Visual Thinking processes because in the face of today's challenges they provide the means to deal with complexity where traditional methods of enquiry and planning fall short. They also enable better shared thinking and innovative collaboration which are critical to the way in which we work.
Human Well-Being through Meaningful Interactions
Our Bee emblem symbolises life as a journey of discovery, cross-pollinating ideas and sharing value, just as a bee moves between flowers, stimulating renewal.
We promote:
  • Collaboration to achieve win-win solutions in all endeavours with a responsible attitude toward value and wealth generation.
  • Respect for individuality, mutual trust and a caring approach to life recognising value in each persons contribution.
  • Sustained enthusiasm to 'push out the envelope' of learning and inspire greater collaborative achievements.
Our goal is to be your first port of call for fast and enjoyable thinking solutions. To attract opportunities that help make a significant difference to the quality of people's lives with respect to broad social, economic and environmental concerns.
Our Commitment to Clients
We are committed to helping clients attain their goals. Regardless of the size of the project, each of our clients can count on our wholehearted support in a personable and direct manner.
Miriam Galt, Managing Director
Miriam Galt is the Founder of Bee Successful and an international strategic consultant. She is known as a facilitative practitioner, leadership coach, trainer and expert in Scenario Planning and futures thinking.
Miriam is also a director of Idon Thinking Resources, developers and distributors of Idon Visual Thinking tools and software. As a founding partner of Idon, she has been active in the evolution of Idon Visual Thinking practices and tools.
Miriam has co-authored papers and books including 'Idon Scenario Thinking' and 'Thinking with Hexagons'.
In addition to her work in business and management, for thirteen years Miriam was a Trustee, head of the board of Governors, and educator of an innovative school introducing leading edge thinking, methods and practices to prepare pupils for the future.
Miriam Galt presents Idon Thinking
"…one of the best things I have ever been involved in!"
Andy Ward
Director HR, CAPCO
"If I had any doubts…"
Mike Marron
Former CEO, Quality Scotland Foundation
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